More to Life (2008)

Robert Edwin

"More To Life - Robert Edwin Sings Crosby & Edwin Songs" presents a collection of the songwriting efforts Richard E. Crosby and Robert Edwin. Featuring folk, rock, country, R & B, and pop styles, the songs speak about the life experiences of these two artists on the plus side of sixty years of age. In a culture dominated by the young, this CD offers insights that only age and experience can generate.

Track Listing

  1. Comfort Me
  2. Wind Song
  3. London When It's Raining
  4. There's A Woman
  5. You Never Seem To Notice
  6. I Didn't Buy A Ticket For This Ride
  7. It's Just Gonna Take A Little Time
  8. Two-Step Country Blues
  9. Country Wedding Song
  10. One Year For My Money
  11. Children Love Ye
  12. The Island
  13. Song Of Separate Ways
  14. More To Life.

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